Idaho Horse Council Proposal

Proposed Non-Motorized Trails Permit..

IHC statewide trails committee is working on getting a statewide funding program started.  This would be similar to the Park and Ski passes or what the motorized people pay for their stickers.  

Below is the program publicity flyer.  There is a draft proposed for the next state legislative session.  

Popularity of Non-Motorized Recreation in Idaho –

In a survey of 1,000 Idahoans, 67% of people requested more access to hiking and walking trails, 31% requested more mountain biking opportunities, and 18% requested more equestrian opportunities. 1

Poor Trail Conditions

70% of trails on federal land in Idaho do not meet National Quality Standards, as defined by the United States Forest Service. 3

Economic Impact

Outdoor recreation generated $7.8 billion in Idaho in 2022, equivalent to the value of statewide agricultural production. 4

Success Stories –

Both winter and summer motorized trails enthusiasts self-tax through registration programs. Those funds maintain approximately 5,600 miles of trails in the winter (snowmobiles), and 2,500 miles of trails in the summer (off-highway vehicles). 5

Other States

Montana, Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Colorado all have dedicated funding sources for non-motorized trail maintenance. These funding sources are key to maintaining safe and accessible non-motorized trail opportunities. 2

A Solution

If all non-motorized trail enthusiasts purchase an annual trail pass with a similar fee structure and similar participation rates to their motorized counterparts, over a million dollars will be generated annually for non-motorized trail maintenance, education programs, and mapping improvements.

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