Emergency Medical Transport

There is always a chance you may get injured and need to be extracted when riding a horse. This can also be quite expensive. Check with your provider to see if you are covered, and if not, consider getting some. Below are two of the local organizations that provide such coverage. Ada County Paramedics also offer a similar service for local ambulance service and also has a link below.

Also, check out the end of page. It lists some info that the emergncy Dispatch Center will need in addition to the patient information!

$60 annually, 2yrs $110, 5yrs $250, Life $1,000 (BCH has a discounted rate)

  • BCH Discount $50,
  • 1yr $60,
  • 2yrs $110,
  • 5yrs $250,
  • Life $1,000

* If you are a veteran or qualify for a group rate (BCH qualifies), please call 800-822-1616 to sign up

Count on Air St. Luke’s for expert emergency medical transport.

Critical accidents or illnesses can occur without warning, and rapid transport can mean the difference between life and death.  Our highly trained flight teams are dedicated to providing specialized emergency care when you need it most, from heart attacks to pediatric trauma to back country accidents.

When you become an Air St. Luke’s member, your annual membership fee waives any portion of the bill not covered by your insurance. You will not pay any deductibles or out-of-pocket expenses for the transport beyond your membership fee. As always, patients will be taken to the hospital most appropriate for their medical needs as specified by either the attending physician or emergency personnel.

Air St Luke’s FAQs

$75 Air Only , $$50-$95 Ground Only, Air + Ground $115-$160 (Pricing Explained)

Life Flight networks provide ICU-level care and life-saving transport to seriously ill or injured patients from the scene of an emergency or from one hospital to another.

  • Scene locations can be remote and hard or time-consuming to get to by ground.
  • Transferring patients from one hospital to another allows patients to receive the specialized care they need if it is not available locally.
  • Life Flight Network is an integral part of local emergency medical systems. Providing air and ground ambulances with highly skilled personnel, undoubtedly saves lives and improves outcomes.

• No out-of-pocket expenses for medically necessary emergent flights if flown by Life Flight Network. Life Flight Network works directly with your insurance company (if any) for their portion of the payment and the rest of the cost is covered by your Membership.

• Covers you, your spouse or domestic partner, and dependents you claim on your income tax return. Elderly and disabled family members living in the same household can also be covered.

• Life Flight Network Memberships are not an insurance policy but secondary to insurance carriers.

Greater Peace of Mind through Reciprocity

Through membership reciprocity, AAMMP is able to offer a much larger benefit service area to subscribers of each partner program. If an AAMMP air medical provider transports a patient who belongs to another partner’s membership program, the patient’s membership will be honored for medically necessary transports (subject to the reciprocating program’s membership terms).

#Air St Luke’s and Life Flight are both members of AAMMP. More about AAMMP

NOTE: Some insurance policies will cover the Air Rescue fees, contact your provider to determine if the above options are needed. Air Rescue is not cheep if you don’t have some sort of coverage.

*** ATTENTION ****

 If you are injured in the back country and have cell service – Call 1-800-632-8000 and not 911. This number will get you to the correct organization faster for a back country rescue.

Don’t call if all you have is a sprain, minor cut, broken ankle or a wrist, or a burn.

Do call if it is life threatening, back or neck injury, a major bleed, compound fracture, loss of sight, unconsciousness, CPR is being performed.

When requesting emergency support, be ready to supply this information to the Boise Dispatch Center:

Do not say patient names over the radio.

  • Number of Injured Parties
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Estimated Weight
  • Level of Consciousness
  • Description of injuries
  • Method of Transportation requested:
    • Do not assume aircraft is your best choice for transport. Consider location, geography, weather and the nature of the emergency.
      • ground ambulance
      • regular helicopter transport
      • air ambulance
      • emergency helicopter extraction (EHE)
  • Pick-up Location/GPS Coordinates
  • Weather
  • Altitude – this may influence the amount of fuel carried as aircraft weight determines the altitude the aircraft can land and take-off.
  • Describe pickup zone:
    • To land a helicopter, you need 50′ Minimum, 60′ preferred on a surface with no more then 10 degrees of slope.
    • Very steep slopes for pickup will require special equipment.
    • Special Equipment/Response Needs:
      • Extraction methods: High or Low Angle Rope Rescue, Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, Tow Truck, etc.

You need to find out the following:

  • How can the responders be contacted for updates?
  • Who is responding?

Ada County Paramedics believe upstanding pre-hospital healthcare should be available to all Ada County residents regardless of their financial situation— that’s why we created the Vital Ride Ambulance Membership program. When Vital Ride members are transported to the hospital, instead of billing them for our services, we simply waive their ambulance bill.* We recognize unexpected medical emergencies can be a financial hardship, but we never want that to hinder someone in our community from receiving the healthcare they need. Vital Ride Ambulance memberships offer peace of mind starting at just $75 a year.