Trails to Ride


These trails listed on the MAP tab are recommended and submitted by chapter members. If you want to submit a trail, please create the KML files using “Google Earth” or “PlotARoute” (preferred). Although there are multiple viewers of KML files, we recommend Google Earth or PlotARoute . View them from this site or download the files to your device to view them. Happy trails to you.

Special note: PlotARoute, due to economic reasons, has remove satellite overviews from the free version. We will try to find an application which will replace this.

We also have Google maps within our web pages. We use this Google tool to embed the maps right on the page.

Idaho State Parks and Recreation Trail Map offers a list of most trails (motorized and non-motorized) in the state. Zoom in for details (best viewed on a PC).

To find camping in national forests nation wide, try the National Forest interactive map.

Furthermore, when ridding in the National Forests and Wildernesses, it is best that you have one or more of these map programs on your phone as they are getting quite sophisticated. Some recommendations are:

Gaia GPS
– Google Earth (Windows) (also available in your app store)
Google Maps
Roadtrippers (Vehicle routing showing attractions along the way) (nice for long trips)($$)

For communication thru a satellite link to your loved ones or for help, look into the Garmin inReach. In addition, the new iPhone comes with a satellite link to request help. This is free for the first year after purchase.

BCHA has a link to Trailmeister .

Report a Problem

There is a growing concern that non-equine campers have discovered campgrounds or sites that are intended for use only by campers with equines. As a result, these campgrounds are filling with non-equine campers, leaving campers with equines with no place to stay. As you’re camping this summer, if you see non-horse campers in horse sites, BCHA asks that you document the incident so they can use the information to support the development of a formal rule allowing only those with stock to camp in horse camps. They’re asking you to fill out this form:

Link to some good rides.

An article on “Threats to Trails“.